My Approach

I love working as a clinical psychologist because I find it to be an honor to work with people to improve their lives. I use my experience with a breadth of clients, combined with my understanding of the research in the field of psychology to create interventions that are a good fit for each client. I strongly believe that therapy is a useful tool, which can be used to transform your life.

I use evidence-based approaches combined with a warm, friendly style. Evidence-based approach means that the interventions have been studied and deemed to be effective. CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) is the main approach I take, especially with anxiety and depression. I also use mindfulness-based approaches for these issues, and they work well in conjunction with CBT, and have also been studied and found to have excellent results. For relationship-focused issues, I base my work off of the Gottman, "sound marital house" research and approach, as well as emotion-focused therapy.

I believe that therapy is a collaborative process, meaning that although I am an expert in psychotherapeutic approaches, you are the expert of your own life. I work with you to establish goals and to define success/progress. I want you to be very involved in your own care, and ideally, active outside of the session.